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  • Added: Support for macOS 10.13 (High Sierra)
  • Added: Legal changes (registered trademark symbols, legal wording related to copyright, etc.) to GUI
  • Changed: Splash screen modification for ESET Anniversary edition
  • Changed: Localization improvements
  • Fixed: ESET Service displays “Not Responding” error after the first installation computer restart
  • Fixed: Incorrect categorization of blocked URLs with more than one category
  • Fixed: macOS freezes after connecting Cannon scanners
  • Fixed: Various bug fixes and usability improvements


  • Added: New signing certificate valid until March 4, 2022
  • Added: Localization improvements in GUI
  • Changed: The update module triggers only after network connection is established
  • Fixed: Exclusions from Web access protection do not work correctly on macOS 10.12.3
  • Fixed: System log displays an error when installing using custom installation mode even though installation completes successfully
  • Fixed: "Privileges changed" alert displays after restart and login
  • Fixed: Issue with random crash of esets_deamon process


  • Added: Keep alive feature to ensure the ESET service does not stop
  • Added: GUI notification when the ESET service is not running
  • Added: Ability to hide the ESET icon in menu bar extras
  • Added: OpenSSL replaced by Apple's native security framework
  • Added: Apple's signed application has allowed access to network
  • Added: DMG is now signed for macOS 10.12+
  • Fixed: A vulnerability issue with the esets_proxy file
  • Fixed: SSL certificate vulnerability issues
  • Fixed: A vulnerability with the old POCO XML parsing library
  • Fixed: Installer vulnerability
  • Fixed: pam.d issue
  • Fixed: An issue that would cause “Zero Files Scanned on Hard Drive” errors during a computer scan
  • Fixed: An issue where Web access protection would block virtual machines
  • Fixed: Web protection - esets_proxy crash on nod_lmutex_destroy
  • Fixed: mac OS crashes when opening http://localhost:57856/
  • Fixed: esets_proxy crash (LoopSocket()) if internet connection is disabled during threats downloading
  • Fixed: The error 'no executable path found' causing apps to not load or block connections
  • Fixed: The error ‘cannot write to socket errors’
  • Fixed: A firewall issue that blocked users from opening WordPress web pages
  • Fixed: An issue where FaceTime is blocked by firewall (default configuration)
  • Fixed: Shut down computer after scan - executed after 1 second
  • Fixed: Incorrect module name in about dialog
  • Fixed: Additional minor bug fixes and stability improvements
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